Buzz is frustrated yahoo watchers

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The Internet giant yahoo top company concussion is still going on.

Big yahoo shareholders, the United States hedge fund T hird said on Point14 and want to continue to increase additional yahoo shares, to vote the chairman Roy wave stoke the sack, and the latter has just lifted the “silicon valley queen” carol buzz, chief executive of position. As in the silicon valley of the few women leaders, buzz “airborne” yahoo has brought little hope, but her leave some woke up yahoo, either find jobs and the man of god, or similar instead sold outright. Buzz successor is another jobs, this is bad to say, but yahoo is apple, it also need not say much.

Phone BingQuan interpretation

Yahoo is in 6, announced that it would no longer hire carol buzz, to chief executive, her temporary replacement is the chief financial officer Tim Morse. Yahoo’s board chairman Roy bo stoke’s statement “polite”, the whole board of directors thank carol in the company’s history a key transition period in macroeconomic environment, challenging circumstances for yahoo services.

Buzz in the news before officially released all the staff to yahoo mail, sent a letter: “I’m sorry to tell you, yahoo’s board chairman just in the phone I notice was fired.”

The United States “fortune” magazine quoted as saying in the buzz, without preparation is dismissed that day, she was ready to attend the meeting at the citigroup technology. The day after 6 PM, she planned to call the chairman wave stoke, the latter from the book to read up lawyer preparation good draft, announced the decision removes its position. Style toughness, shoot from the lip of the phone call buzz are not in the United States, accept the fortune magazine interviews that, by yahoo’s board “play”. Buzz insists that his two years in yahoo’s done a lot of work, in answer to “who is the best person for a new yahoo” the question, when buzz said: “it’s me.”

Have pointed out, the decision against Europe and the traditional commercial culture, not to leave the level, buzz for the rather embarrassed. In general, the board of directors will advance and chief executive about good or in advance, the latter express how resignation, even if both parties to make stiff, so general motors and before Wagner, HP and head, didn’t also so coldly not speak a little person.

He had been in the United States and the university of Wisconsin get a bachelor’s degree in computer, is a senior managers. From 1992 to 2006, she worked in A utodesk software company as A chief executive for 14 years, is the high technology enterprise of large one of the few female chief executive. In addition, she also serves as Intel, cisco, and other famous IT company board members. On January 13, 2009 yahoo formally announced that the selected was 60 years old, rose card’s buzz take over as a chief executive jerry Yang.

According to the report, the Morse, bo stoke and other executives and yahoo co-founder jerry Yang, who recently in the headquarters of the company held plenary meeting, thousands of employees to participate in the meeting. Insider said, these executives told the conference, yahoo is doing the right thing, the company has the very good assets, also have problems must be solved, employee shall continue to do their work.

Trying to lose a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting. Repeatedly

“The queen” silicon valley buzz in January 2009 from jerry Yang took the yahoo last year there. At the office, she met a lot of tough questions, and that in a BBS is big on third: : “for you, 3 steps will be able to complete the matter, yahoo needs 22 step.” In order to cash the commitment to the board of directors, began to buzz cut thin body, many don’t close yahoo make money business, thousands of people, the reform of the management job cuts, but also to the strategic cooperation with Microsoft. But all these efforts have failed to turn yahoo’s financial difficulties.

In recent years the United States online advertising market continues to expand, yahoo in buzz term’s advertising revenue but has not seen the growth, “don’t hit” situation gave let yahoo lost to the YiShouZheTian of Google and Facebook is more fierce of momentum. In the second quarter of this year, yahoo’s net income 5% lower than the same period last year. Market research institutions arketer eM said last year that yahoo online advertising for 14.4%, the share of estimated that this year will fall to 13. 1%, while Facebook’s market share will reach to 17. 7%. In addition, according to the market research institutions C of the material, the United States om Score network users on Facebook to stay on for an average of 6.7 hours to 4.1 hours, G Google, yahoo is only 3.4 hours.

So, looking back on it, effort not to please the buzz suddenly had a class bad results the declination. In may this year, the community has spread out yahoo’s board is through the rumors of replacement for executive search looking for. Although yahoo denies that, but a lot of industry analysts think, buzz leave is just a matter of time before there is a little patience, the board of directors is, is because the contract only a year left, and there is no suitable candidate into the eye.

The Wall Street journal quoted, people familiar with the matter say yahoo’s board meeting DuoCi over the past few weeks, the conclusion is buzz failed to achieve the board of directors of the important goal set, including contain users browse yahoo website, down time increase a company revenue and revive the company’s stock, etc.

Have pointed out, buzz fired, actually and she failed to manage properly and Mr Ma’s alibaba group and Japan softbank group cooperation related. Science and technology investment fund IronfireC apital founder, yahoo shareholders of one of Eric Jackson had pointed out that buzz, ignored alibaba group of Asia, led by the overall value of assets.

The financial times an article also think, yahoo’s board please come so make for DuoNian software buzz lady when C EO, absolutely is a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting. After he came into power, the doesn’t understand the Internet C E O bottom out several recruit ChouQi: will the most core search technology outsourcing to Microsoft, will have some hope community, ignoring the investment products sell the biggest e-commerce company alibaba…… When the company from the Internet after the core of more and more distant battlefield, it is more and more marginalized, it is difficult to have emancipated opportunity.

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