Can You Sill Make Money With Yahoo! Spend Per Clicks?

If you are utilizing spend per clicks to drive traffic to your internet site then you are almost certainly focusing on Google AdWords and or going to attempt and get targeted traffic from them. The reality is, you may nevertheless be able to get targeted traffic from Yahoo! Search if you know what you are performing. In this report I want to show you how to get site visitors the correct way from Yahoo!.

Secret #1:

You need to recognize that Yahoo! Search Advertising nonetheless will give you good targeted traffic if you know how to use it. You will not get the kind of targeted traffic that you would from AdWords, but if you are already utilizing AdWords then it is a excellent way to diversify your targeted traffic.

Secret #two:

You need to have to first start off utilizing Google AdWords and get profitable with that. As soon as you get great cash coming in and you know which keywords are making you a profit, take those key phrases and use them in Yahoo!.

The cause you want to do it this way is due to the fact the search visitors you are going to get is a lot much less then what you will get with Google. So you want to just use your finest key phrases so you do not waste a bunch of time.

Secret #three:

Test this traffic separately! You often want to make sure you are testing your targeted traffic &amp when you are testing multiple sources at the exact same time, you want to make positive you know which search engine got you the most sales &amp guests.

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