Converting E-Commerce Online Store to Yahoo Store

Article by sid peterson

Converting your e-commerce online store in to Yahoo Store will give complete and dynamic solutions for your online products selling across the globe.According to market analysis e-commerce stores developed in other storefronts are facing enough problems/issues at the same time while Yahoo Store owners are relaxed and tension free in all aspects. Some Common issues arise for NON Yahoo Store owners:-1.Downtime: Majority of e-commerce stores online or other storefronts owners experience excessive downtime of store. Ultimately, frequent downtime of store directly affects revenue. * Features: Lack of major features in other storefronts. This makes it tedious to maintain store and get lesser information about the store. * Design: On design features each and every storefront has its own technique. Many storefronts have limitation on creative design platform. This creates problem on customizing web pages according to needs. * Maintaining: A main issue of store owners is of maintaining online store. Maintaining the store is difficult and time consuming.* Traffic & Presentation Store Owners (Non Yahoo Store) – My Online Store doesn’t get enough traffic and also faces presentation crisis.* Security one of the major concerns of non Yahoo Store is “Security” of the online transactions.Above mentioned issues are valid enough to switch over the existing storefront to “Yahoo Store”. Considering all the above issues Yahoo Store offers dynamic solutions for your Online Store. Yahoo Store has taken extensive care of all the above issues experienced by the Store Owners (Non Yahoo Store).Yahoo Store Offers:-* Uptime: Yahoo Store gives maximum uptime and rarely it has any downtime (if any). This make your Yahoo Store will live 24 hours. * Yahoo Store Features: In yahoo store, all lacking features in other storefronts are merged with additional features which differentiate Yahoo Store from other online storefront platform. Yahoo Store also provides various reports (nearly 40) of store indicating sale, page view and many more. * Custom Design: Yahoo Store facilitates customization of your web pages according your requirement with the support of easy design tool, third-party tools or by professional designer or developer. In Yahoo Store, Search Engine Friendly pages can be created along with CSS based custom design. PHP, Perl and MYSQL programming languages can be used in Yahoo Store as per requirement.* Security: Concerning security, Yahoo is the best from all other storefronts. Transactions that take place on Yahoo Store are done on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit encryption to shield transactions, risks tools configurable to help flag fraudulent orders. * Maintaining: Yahoo Store is easy to maintain and use of its administrative back-end is simple.Today Yahoo! Store is the fastest and most practical way to open your online store and one of the most popular and affordable e-commerce platforms for small and medium sized businesses. Anyone can set up a fully-functional online store without requiring HTML/ RTML programming skills, with help of very powerful backend management tools. It ensures greater visibility, more visitors, secured transactions, easy management of your store and more flexibility in handling large number of products.

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