Importance of Good Yahoo Store Design

Unless you sell nuclear reactors or submarines, the design of your yahoo store will command a powerful influence on your website visitors.

I         Good yahoo store design builds trust

It is a well established fact that people will trust a well dressed sales person as compared to a shabby one.  The same logic thoroughly applies to your yahoo store as well.

In a survey by Questus, 68% respondents affirmed they would distrust a website that does not have a professional appearance! Hence, it is a fantastic idea to invest in hiring a yahoo store design partner who can provide world-class yahoo store designs that arouse trust and attract business.

II         Good yahoo store design navigates better

Orderliness will always bring you more visitors.  Clumsy yahoo store navigation can make your yahoo store as unpalatable as a fly in a soup!  Good yahoo store design entails much more than eye appealing graphical presentation; and lucid navigation is probably the 2nd most important area.

A good navigation is self-flowing and designed to pre-understand the usual pattern your yahoo store visitors would follow.  A good navigation also helps you promote your best deals, best products and best offers at the right places on the computer screen.

III     Good yahoo store design sells more

When your yahoo store displays the right offers and the right products at the right places, there is a high probability your store visitor will be lured to make that purchase from your store rather than your competitors’.

Moreover, a good yahoo store design allows the users to quickly find what they were looking for, leading to quicker turnaround time of information flow; and hence better sales.

IV        Good yahoo store design is assistant buyer rather than seller

A well designed yahoo store acts as an ‘assistant buyer’.  This essentially means that the yahoo store helps the buyer in the buying process, seemingly from his/her side of the fence.

A good yahoo store design can

Hand out meaningful product information Lead the user to desired products and services Provide exact shipping information and purchase/returns policy Provide uncomplicated pricing and shopping cart Integrate live chat or live support for quicker conversion And bring the important ‘We-Care’ element into your yahoo store that will obviously make a big difference in the sales generated from your yahoo store

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