Microsoft, Yahoo or Google, who will win the paid search battle in 2010? Recent acquisitions might add $10 billion in revenue to one company’s pocket

Microsoft vs. Google vs. Microsoft over Yahoo Yahoo and other variants of the name in the search game pay? E seem to make all the headlines today. A week ago, a report? Global Stats StatCounter new Microsoft search engine Google, the market share? only mining engine Yahoo?. Since the d? To Bing, the two companies? T? S have tried? s? curise their positions on the market?, but apparently none of them can search Google’s dominance in the industry, which controls over 70 percent of the market? ? overcome?. W? While Microsoft made an effort to consider? Saddle to rival Google in the search space, Google is? come with a new system? Operating me that Microsoft has put behind? re another market? k? Nnten. Microsoft’s research income online is irrelevant if its turnover (f $ 86 million in sales? A research report online? $ 16 billion Total f? A last quarter) compared to the total. The so called ‘operation is the cow? Microsoft’s milk? t?. Now, Google invasion of space and the market? should see how Google Chrome will change the landscape in 2010?. Yahoo seems? Be far behind? Re in all stores and business sectors? for its stock of her? it spectacular? Ckgegangen, especially since the agreement with Microsoft collapsed? and j? The longest t? Shooting? towards the rear? re? OPA?. Apr? S few sc? Ties front and rear? With dramatic re Icahn, Microsoft and Yahoo, no agreement has t? made, and Yahoo shares continue to fall, and now coupled? with the idiots? dramatic consequences B? Rsencrash, it is even more marked? E? GT? St It was? Obvious that the M & A Microsoft-Yahoo deal could not go through anyway, because they could not win government approval,? unless Google had a virtual monopoly F currency that research pay? e achieved. By stupid? Result, f? A source of hope, f? A rescue from Microsoft? Assumption seemed? Be na? F. But! ? But the eye hit the longest day of Yahoo reminds me of a campaign by the Mini Cooper that some years ago? Es, is the brand image – a little guy? find his way and before g? ant. Spacious want, that I took part B? W ro cif t? Ria? During the visit? a friend the other day (never really eat alone if you have last time? res news first? M Ren? Want), Yahoo seems? be a Start? gy, which is shockingly easy, but look k? nnte, came ph? ph? name? nal-size post-acquisition? e. ? The contents of the device is int? Esting CPTS – Yahoo wants an idea to d? Defense as int? Interesting to make acquisitions and buy mom Ad Network, Ad-division of a SOCI t? Canadian low? e in Silicon Valley?. Let? Goal, I? Quiet confused as to why Yahoo w? Businesses need Rde little funky, but here’s my opinion on the matter. It? Yahoo assumption may in F? Put my situation? Silent, allowing him to lead a cat? Radically new category of publicity? line will be set up?. Let’s face it. The success? S business? S not so much hangs in the search relevance and quality? its search algorithms (Yes, Yahoo will still be behind? re it), and their success? s? the end of the journ? e is dependent on advertising revenue WHAT?. The bottom line is all that z hlt?. search engines Up-to-day use as mod? the CPC publicity? main. Some include affiliate marketing with the CPS, but not so simple as it is?. CPC has no chance to win a significant share of the budget of advertisers? R f a number of Gr? ? Be, is that the conversion rate of clicks? S by content partners included with sometimes questionable MROI. may, on the other c t? many? publishers no publicity? Yahoo and Google f? r low Entsch? k endings that offer CPC?. Search Webmaster Forums and you will see how AdSense t Negativ obtained lt;? ? Of publishers? Tests because it is an option for my? Butions of m? Dias ugly, but there are not many alternatives. Pay-Per-mod? The sale is always better f? Bots R. Google seems to offer options of affiliate marketing, but only f? R handselected s? Advertise examples. Not everyone can jump on the train. You must accumulate a significant number of clicks, then displays a conversion ratio? Lev? ratio that is not his? which is Google’s algorithm calculates tr? s good -? There are a lot of L Cher statistics? emp? the price shown? representation of numbers r? els. But m? Me it is not green? OF fi-Run. The problem? Me r? Side in the vertical. This mod? Can not serve on that? business e-commerce, those that sell goods online. The door is wide open any firm f r t? -? If you en business services, complex technology or high value Consumer Staples Tern and sell your sales, especially outside line? Detected? S, v Lliga they are one of the options – the current processes and technologies not covered in load? ? Affiliate Marketing f? SOCI these r t? s? the end of the story. But it’s a shame. Although the d? Think of Internet advertising? Envelope w? On? More 100000000000 $? worldwide by the year 2010, nnte k? ? Be considered? Ably increased if? Publishers can tap into the distribution fee, which provides affiliate marketing. ? For example, if a company on the gt online marketing budget $ 100,000 per year, the trade? Ants can not still on the mountain instead of RF? $ 200K for? Think CPC -? In no fa? It, but advertisers can easily take a k-party publishers of the Committee and $ 1M + sales? redistribution, which re? ilo now? ht Editor recipes many times. If the devices cht she has to? Cid? why I think Yahoo id on mama? e PPD (Pay-Per Deal) is a mod? the for? S and the use of their monitoring process g Deal? Denies that Yahoo does? Glitches, chip sales of $ B2B growing segment, which is not so keen on Yahoo CPC mountain up? their marketing budget?. Math? Simple mathematics, if Yahoo put k? 100,000 can serve small and medium enterprises and SOCI t? S technology which currently spend their dollars on Google with the CPC and cr? Ation with other suppliers, and each advertiser pays a commission of 10%? Sales of publicity? Yahoo s cr? with content partners to participate, I can Yahoo and incomparable 10000000000 turnover of U.S. $ Add? your P & L? g? do,? provided that the average selling price f? r Advertisers balance is as low as $ 10M j? Sch? e. M? Me if my calculation is the H? Half the train g of this acquisition? Yahoo ned as absolute as the only search engine that offers an option PPD publicity? and? Plus there will be a competitive advantage and a certain race identity? T spot behind? Dr. Google? Be positioned?. Yahoo k? Nnte probably the technology? Envelope? E? internal and ex? cuter, without going through the acquisition, but an action for patent infringement id? e mama probably co t? f more investors than the price? R acquire it-m? Me and the M? He explained? his action? re? on int? grit? the company? t. D’apr? S what I will pay no part of f? R address this issue, just under $ 20,000,000 rt go?. Famous taking into account the time factor is crucial for those comp? Tents in the team to mod? Lysates PPD mama id? E, the Yahoo technology sounds like a good choice for int? Grate the op? Rations. 10000000000 $ for extra income? Ments keeping f? Yahoo co R together? You less than $ 30 million (purchase price and int? Integration of system? My)? Huh? k nnte someone? No. Yes, many of these last? Res ann? Es, Yahoo mind and market share? lost to competitors, but as I see with this exquisite movement Turnaround Yahoo to? finish the largest player in search engine marketing can be like today, the Company Fair? tap vertical, that neither Google, Microsoft and AOL reached (? unless one of them a PM? heres? OPA Pl I think? places). F? A Yahoo, more relevance in the r? Results of research and social innovation of the m? Dias, the problem? Me is not? Sen dominance of Google in the publicity? Research Pay? e. Yahoo? the origin and stay behind? re, m? me in to? of pit? Purchased by Microsoft, is it? Has recurs. But the acquisition strat? Logical Yahoo’s idea to system? Me mama Yahoo ad? Scale of publicity? online and the platform set up in a cat? gory new publicity? in line with income not used? s and uncapped? s potential. Now, this is not the social innovation of the m? Dias everyone talking, but innovation in Mati? Re my? Butions of m? Dias. I think everything will be one of? Development tr? S int? Esting game research. I can not wait to learn more? More than 2009 M & A? Th, and especially the M & A Deal “Yahoo id more mama? E” and all? V? Events h post-acquisition? Ren. What happens as n? Next in the battle between the g? Ants can easily find fascinating is white? never know who is pulling the n? s next? latch and it will k? JH.

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