Remove Yahoo Toolbar – How To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar Completely (Yahoo Toolbar Removal Guide)

How to Remove Yahoo Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

You can remove Yahoo toolbar from Firefox by using one of the following two methods:

• Use the Uninstall menu command on Firefox

• Use the Firefox Extension Manager

Let’s have a look at the steps for each of these methods.

First try to use the Yahoo Toolbar Pencil Menu

The simplest method to remove Yahoo toolbar from Firefox is to use the uninstall tool included in the toolbar itself. To remove Yahoo toolbar using this tool, perform the following steps:

• On the Yahoo toolbar, click on the Pencil icon to display the Pencil menu.

• Here, select the Uninstall menu command.

• Next, type in your feedback about Yahoo toolbar and the reason to uninstall it to Yahoo.

• Select Uninstall again.

• Finally, restart the Firefox browser window.

If it isn’t removed, then try to use the Firefox Extension Manager

If you have problems removing Yahoo toolbar from Firefox menu, then you can try to remove the toolbar by using the Firefox Extension Manager. To do this, perform the following steps:

• In the Firefox browser window, open the Tools menu.

• Select the Extension menu command.

• Scroll down the Extensions Manager window to locate the Yahoo! Toolbar extension.

• Click the extension and select Uninstall.

• In the Uninstall Yahoo! Toolbar window, select OK.

• Finally, to implement the change exit the Extensions Manager window and restart the Firefox browser.

Recreate Firefox Profile

Assuming that none of the above works, it might indicate that there is some problem with the Firefox user profile. To fix the problem, you will have to create a new Firefox user profile. The user profile is used by the Firefox browser to save your personal settings such as passwords, bookmarks, and extensions.

1. Close all windows of Firefox browser open on the desktop.

2. Next, open the Start menu and select Run.

3. In the Open field, type firefox.exe -ProfileManager and press the OK button.

4. Select the existing corrupt profile and select the Delete Profile button to remove it.

5. Next, select the Create Profile button, and follow the screen instructions to create the new profile according to your requirements.

After creating the new profile, you may proceed to remove Yahoo toolbar using one of the methods discussed above.

Isn’t there an easier way to do all this?

Now this is where you need to consider a utility that will completely remove Yahoo toolbar. One such product, Perfect Uninstaller, has been getting a lot of good reviews because it has the ability to do a completely clean removal of any of your programs and applications.

So, instead of doing this manually, consider using a utility to automatically remove Yahoo toolbar as well as remove all the associated dlls, windows registry keys and any other ‘left over’ files that there may be.

Besides, there are other benefits that good reputable utilities should also provide which will have the final result of enhanced computer performance. These would include:

• It definitely works faster than the standard removal tool that comes with Windows.

• Cleaning you registry of any corrupted entries that certain applications may leave over.

• It can protect your registry from empty / corrupted errors and improve your PC performance.

• It can remove hidden applications installed in your system.

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So when you need to remove Yahoo toolbar or any other software application, consider trying a well respected, award winning software called Perfect Uninstaller.

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