The Interim CEO of Yahoo Restructure the Management Group

According to the on-line edition report of the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo’s interim CEO Ross Levinsohn announced that they would make adjustments of the company’s management on Thursday, in order to help Yahoo to get rid of the performance of the slide as soon as possible.

In a memorandum to workers on Thursday, Levinsohn stated Mickie Rosen would be responsible for Yahoo’s international media and e-commerce operations, which incorporate editing, organization development and partnerships, product style and functions and so on. Levinsohn also mentioned that Yahoo e-commerce business department would “return to the original mode and report to Rosen,” as he wrote. Rosen said: “The efficiency of prior promotion of media networks company in the American location is really exceptional.”

Levinsohn also announced that Mollie Spilman, who was responsible for the advertising and marketing of Yahoo’s American region more than the past two years, would be appointed as the company’s Chief Marketing and advertising Officer (CMO). Yahoo’s spokeswoman mentioned the senior vice president of e-commerce (Sam Shrauger) would leave the company, and Penny Baldwin, who is currently serving as interim chief marketing officer of the business, will leave immediately after the end of the transition period. Levinsohn wrote in the memo: “Please join me to wish them a smooth future.”

Levinsohn also mentioned Michel Protti will continue to serve as Yahoo’s personnel director. “He will play an essential role in the difficulty of creating me stay rational and ensuring that all individuals in the company are in the correct path.”

Levinsohn, final Sunday, was appointed as interim CEO by Yahoo, taking over Scott Thompson, who resigned due to the academic fraud scandal.

And the latter only worked at Yahoo for 4 months. Levinsohn mentioned in the memo, according to the feedback from the staff, he knew that he should try to establish the primary job of the firm to completely tap the possible for company personnel.

Levinsohn wrote: “We will face a daunting task in the future. In the light of everyone’s tips, I know that our most urgent process at present is to clearly define our vision and strategy. I assure you that we will maintain transparent and publish connected method within a few weeks.”

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