Yahoo! Mail Problems

If you ever wanted the perfect template on how to ruin a company I think Yahoo! can provide it for you. The Yahoo! Management Team must meet every morning, after partying until 4:00AM, and say “Ok boys, lets see what we can do to really screw things up today.” I could go on and on about the Yahoo! Publisher Network, which has been in beta for years. Or maybe I should mention Yahoo! Chat which is nothing more than a war of “bots”. But instead I want to talk about the latest Yahoo! debacle known as Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo! Spam Mail

Could it be that Yahoo! Mail has the spam email and real email detection reversed? I have received so many “Lottery Winning Notifications” and invites to join porn related Yahoo! Groups I am beginning to wonder. When I click the spam button Yahoo! thanks me for helping their spam guard work harder. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to help Yahoo! in anyway I can. But then I receive about 100 more similar emails the next day and that warm fuzzy feeling leaves my body.

But things get even better when I sign up for legitimate sites and need to activate my account. Sometimes I wait for hours and the activation email never comes. Ocassionaly they do come with in a few minutes, but usually I just get tired of waiting and move on to something else. What usually ends up happening is that Yahoo! Mail detects my registration email as spam and sends it to my bulk folder. Thanks Yahoo! Mail for protecting me from the emails I really want to receive.

Broken Links

For the past few months getting to my Yahoo! Mail account has been challenging. How is it that Yahoo! Mail cannot keep the links to my email working? I click the email link and Google redirects me to a message which indicates the links are broken. Can someone send Yahoo! Mail a broken link checker and give them a hand? If their staff is reading this article, you can do a search on Google and find hundreds of these free broken link checkers. Really, this is like Webmaster 101 stuff, but maybe Yahoo! Mail needs some basic website managment training.

Have no fear Yahoo! Mail I have developed a system to work around this irritating problem. I just madly click Yahoo! Mail links wherever I can find them and eventually I trick the links into working. So while you guys continue to wrap your head around this one I can offer this tip to all Yahoo! Mail users. Just keep clicking the links over and over and eventually one might work. 

Pop Ups and More Pop Ups

I think this one is my favorite. Once I have managed to access Yahoo! Mail I start getting bombarded with Yahoo! Chat and Yahoo! Connection requests from people I do not know. These pop ups start invading my screen which sends Internet Explorer into a fit. Eventually it just freezes or crashes and I get to start over again. Wow, this is such a treat when I want to read my email.

Also, lets not forget the ads which expand as I am trying to read my email so that I can no longer see the text. The trick is to find a way to close the ad without clicking it and ending up on Match.com.  This is such a pleasant experience and I am sure it drives more and more Yahoo! Mail users to other email providers daily.

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