Yahoo Outlook Webmail – Make the Yahoo Outlook Connection Today

Using Yahoo Mail and Outlook together makes loads of sense. A Yahoo Outlook webmail connection allows you to manage all your mail in one place, simplifying your life. But many people have tried to make the Yahoo Mail Outlook connection and failed.

When I first tried to make the Yahoo Outlook connection, I failed too. But that’s not a problem any more because I know the secrets to making Yahoo Mail and Outlook work together. Keep reading and I’ll share those secrets with you.

The First Secret

The first secret to using Yahoo Mail with Outlook is that you can’t. More precisely, you can’t use your free Yahoo Mail account with Outlook. To make a Yahoo Outlook webmail connection, you need to have a paid Yahoo Mail account, either a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, or a Yahoo Business Mail account.


Happily, a Yahoo! Mail Plus account only costs .95/yr, and it’s easy to convert your free Yahoo Mail account into a  account. Click the link above and make the conversion now. I’ll wait.

Now that you have a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, it will only take you a few minutes to make the Yahoo mail Outlook connection. But a lot of people get tripped up here as well. That’s because they don’t know the second secret.

The Second Secret

The second secret to making the Yahoo Outlook connection is that the steps you need to follow differ depending on whether you are using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 (working with Outlook Express is a whole other subject that we won’t talk about at all).

I don’t have space here to give you the exact details of how to make the connection for each version of Outlook, but I can tell you that the instructions aren’t difficult to follow. If you can find a good guide to setting this up, you’ll have no problem, and soon you will have Yahoo and Outlook working together smoothly.

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