Yahoo Upgrades Search Engines & Webmail

Original source : Yahoo Upgrades Search Engines & Webmail

Coinciding with the event Yahoo Product Runway at the headquarters of Sunnyvale, California, United States, Yahoo announced upgrades also updates its search engine for Yahoo Mail service.

As quoted from the site San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo promises search engines that offer search results as well as entertainment news is richer, and more attractive.

“The search results for topics such as movies, music and news will be more visually appealing, and contains information that is richer for the various elements include photos, videos, articles, and posting of social networking,” said Yahoo through his official blog company.

Yahoo Upgrades Search Engines & Webmail

Meanwhile, for its electronic mail service, Yahoo also promises to increase from the appearance, speed, and offers integration with social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.

As reported by Mashable site, not just change the appearance Yahoo claims to have changed the architectural features of the core features of YahooMail, so that the user experience when downloading files, sending or receiving electronic mail, can be faster.

Original source : Yahoo Upgrades Search Engines & Webmail

Through Yahoo Mail, users can also update your status and provide social media special tabs (tab What’s New) which displays updated our friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

When we send a link from Flickr or YouTube, then, photos and video will be automatically shown in e-mail. In fact, Flickr (which is a photo sharing service owned by Yahoo) also provides a slideshow feature.

Yahoo Mail Beta with various new features that will be enjoyed by a few weeks. Responding to these developments, the Altimeter Group analyst Jeremiah Owyang says that what is taken by Yahoo is not too impressive.

According to him, Yahoo seems to only focus on upgrading its services and integration with other services. Yahoo is considered not to invest in innovative products like never before.

While Google is more often to offer new services that have not provided one, though indeed at risk of failing. “Although risky, this is the way that will generate innovation. What Yahoo announced just put them in the position of ‘fast follower’, but not the industry leader,” Owyang said, quoted by the Chronicle.

At least, until now GMail not provide integration with social media as much as Yahoo Mail. In fact, this kind of integration helps users to an online e-mail more efficiently. Moreover for users from Indonesia who was so infatuated with social networking.

Original source : Yahoo Upgrades Search Engines & Webmail

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