Your Prime Search Rankings at Yahoo & MSN Search are Worthless

It seems I now do this rant every single year when targeted traffic &#13statistics are discussed in internet business news. Final week I &#13posted to my Reality Search engine optimisation weblog that referred targeted traffic numbers are &#13the only statistic that webmasters should be concerned about when &#13looking at their search engine rank. I wrote about this last year &#13after ComScore Media Metrics statistics were relased discussing &#13Search Engine Queries generated by every single search property.&#13http://searchengineoptimism.com/Google_refers_70_percent.html

In that article, I recommended to Microsoft as they created &#13their own search technologies that MSN search could take into account &#13resisting the urge to hold searchers on their website by plastering &#13both PPC and “Sponsored Internet sites” above and below search results. &#13Google displays two “Sponsored Hyperlinks” above organic outcomes and &#13none below, along with Adwords ads along the correct column.

Effectively now that MSN search has produced its official debut, we can see &#13that they place three “Sponsored Sites” hyperlinks both above AND beneath &#13their organic search results, along with those Overture (Soon to &#13be Yahoo Branded) PPC ads along the proper side of the page. Not &#13bad visually, but it appears to be keeping guests on the MSN &#13search site since they simply are NOT clicking by means of to &#13highly ranked web sites according to closely watched targeted traffic &#13statistics of several websites I monitor for clientele.

I’ve been pouring over internet stats for a half dozen clientele &#13looking for visitors from MSN and it is missing in action. Even &#13though these web sites rank properly for targeted terms for my customers – &#13MSN is not delivering the site visitors at all.

This has always been an problem for SEO’s and their clientele and we &#13are puzzling this one particular more than, hunting for results from those prime &#13rankings at each Yahoo and MSN as they appear to retain the &#13searchers no matter how properly we rank the internet sites!

Yahoo has dropped drastically, with referred visitors that used &#13to quantity to over five% of the visitors to client web sites, it has &#13dropped as low as 1.five% of total referred traffic from search &#13engines. After a current boost in referred traffic from Yahoo &#13search, we were hopeful it would keep high, but it wasn’t to be. &#13Rankings have not declined – Read That Once more – Rankings have not &#13declined, just the referred targeted traffic!

Google has gone up in referrals from foreign countries, such as &#13foreign language internet sites. We used to see tiny amounts of traffic &#13trickle in from non-English language countries, but Google &#13country internet sites for Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, &#13Mexico and a dozen other language particular Googles have combined &#13to send more non-English referred targeted traffic than the total coming &#13from (English) Yahoo Search!

The search planet is getting extremely odd when great rankings at Yahoo &#13and MSN do not equal referred targeted traffic. This has often been the &#13case to a degree, but is getting extreme and really disturbing. &#13Google has always sent more traffic, with as significantly as 85% of &#13referred search site visitors coming from English Speaking Google &#13variants in US, Canada, India, New Zealand, Australia, and UK &#13sending a lot more visitors than both the US Yahoo and MSN.

What is the worth of top rankings in MSN and Yahoo if those leading &#13positions don’t bring visitors?

Zippo, NONE are coming from MSN Search even although we are far better &#13ranked in several crucial search phrases for client websites at &#13MSN than at Google! This is critical and it really is a difficulty that we &#13must resolve. “Searches performed” statistics, like these &#13exhaustively researched by Bill Platt in a current write-up&#13are totally meaningless if searchers don’t click via to &#13top ranking internet sites! What does this mean?&#13http://realityseo.com/2005/03/day-internet-search-engines-stopped.html

Even although I write a similar article every year, talk about this &#13topic on significant discussion lists and mention it routinely in my &#13Reality Search engine optimization blog, I have but to get sincere answers from search &#13engine representatives at Yahoo or MSN. I did get a couple of &#13Yahoo Search managers to admit that a lot more guests stay on the &#13Yahoo internet site and continue to either PPC ads or to other Yahoo links &#13because “There is much more of worth to the searcher at Yahoo.” What &#13is of a lot more value to a searcher than relevant search outcomes?

I gave these Yahoo’s access to my targeted traffic statistics and those of &#13clients so they could see that practically 70% of my targeted traffic and that &#13of clientele was coming from Google – EVEN WHEN These Exact same Internet sites &#13RANKED Extremely IN SEARCHES AT YAHOO! No comment and no &#13explanations as to why, when they produce huge numbers of search &#13queries, that far fewer guests click by means of from Yahoo search &#13results than do from Google search final results.

One particular need to assume that somebody searching for something visits at &#13least a few of the sites that appear in the list of search &#13results, no? They positive do visit from Google in substantial &#13numbers – consistently. But both Yahoo and MSN Search are failing &#13to send referred search traffic to sites ranked highly in &#13their search results. Why?

I extremely recommend that all webmasters with access to statistics for&#13their personal internet site appear seriously at your traffic referred by Yahoo &amp MSN&#13for search phrases you rank nicely on. Do YOU have site visitors referred by&#13Yahoo or MSN Search for your high ranking search phrases. Why not?

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